Motivational Maps Case Study RT Brand Communications

« Both the sessions and the maps gave a deeper view of the team and as a result structural changes were made with new senior appointments. »

- Ross Thornley, Founder and Managing Director


RT Brand Communications has built a talented team of 20 who deliver strategic marketing and digital campaigns for ambitious brands. Established in 2000, they nurture relationships with Global and regional organisations such as Sony, Thomson Reuters and Tetra Pak through continued innovation and their creative approach to integrated cross-channel activities.

Business Goal

To become a top 30 UK agency, it is essential to have a completely committed team. RT wanted to use the process to inspire lasting motivation across the whole agency. Enable the attraction and retention of ambitious individuals who are driven to positively affect the behaviour of others by connecting brands with their audience. Using insight, creativity and clear strategic thinking. This results in increased market share, brand value and lifetime customer value.


Using Motivational Maps as the basis and starting point for six half-day companywide team-training sessions over a 12-month period.

The Maps, done prior to the first sessions, enabled a flying start for the managers as issues were instantly identifiable from their profiles, and this meant that powerful development and learning could happen at speed and with complete ‘buy-in’ from the managers.

This was coupled with a range of support and development programs alongside the appointment of a non-exec director to steer the agency through a new growth phase.

“After 14 years building RT I had reached a stage where a step change in the growth of the company was a now or never moment. In order to build a truly self-managing organisation big decisions were needed, some unexpected, some tough and others carefully planned. The sessions and the map results gave me insights into how my team viewed the company and their roles. With the confidence and support, I am proud to say that we are now fast tracked to achieve growth from the impact on motivation, better internal communications and understanding of each other's strengths. The levels of commitment we are now benefiting from, across the whole team, give me such pride and fulfilment. I am confident that during the coming years we are going to achieve very big things indeed” - Ross Thornley, Founder and Managing Director.


One unexpected and quite profound outcome was the identification of gaps within the senior management team. Some individuals had become stagnated; in order to achieve the step change desired by the founder, this process helped to clearly highlight where improvements were needed.

Both the sessions and the maps gave a deeper view of the team and, as a result, structural changes were made with new senior appointments. It was a challenging period where getting the right levels of motivation and job satisfaction has had real tangible outcomes, with year on year sales growth of over 60% and a total shift in happiness and motivation.

Another side benefit has been in recruitment. We have grown the team significantly post the work together and the levels of recommendations for new people to come and work at RT from current staff has been astonishing.

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