Discover what exactly motivates your team members

Have you ​​ever struggled to figure out how to keep your troops (or yourself, for that matter) motivated at work?

Motivational Maps is a scientific, ISO-certified assessment tool that enables us to uncover with remarkable precision and pinpoint accuracy what it is that motivates your key staff members in their professional activity. When you have that information, it becomes easy to design and implement the right incentive and reward strategies, customized to fit each staff member's motivational profile. It will save you an awful lot of guesswork and hit-or-miss attempts.











It will give you all the insights you need to maintain and upgrade individual and team motivation. Needless to say, a demotivated employee is an underperforming employee. Boosting motivation will pave the way to peak performance, productivity, employee satisfaction and staff retention.


When the Motivational Maps assessment is applied to a team, it shows where potential friction points are, based on potentially conflicting motivations among team members. It also shows whether each individual's motivation profile is fitting for their role and position within the team. It should be noted that people are often unaware of what their motivations truly are, and often get a lot of aha moments when those are brought to light.

All you have to do is fill an on-line questionnaire; it will take you 15-20 minutes. A detailed report will be emailed to you; I shall highlight and comment it for you in a coaching session that will point to the best strategies, based on the results.

Motivational mapping is also very useful for career choices, job applications (you can send your own Map to potential employers) and recruitment.

Do you want to order a Motivational Maps assessment? The fee for an individual Map is £220, €250, $280.


Do you have questions? I would be delighted to answer them! I offer a free, no obligation discussion with you - either by telephone, Skype or in person about how you and your organisation can benefit from working with Motivational Maps® technology. So, again,  feel free to contact me:


​​Would you like to see an example of an actual Motivational Maps report? Click here:







"We have been hugely impressed by the results we have had by using Motivational Maps and would recommend this tool to anyone interested in learning more about what motivates their staff."

- Frances Miles, Engage Executive Jobs

"The Motivational Map sessions were superb and the outputs and results are genuinely business changing. Our SMT feel valued and engaged, we have a better understanding of each other and frankly we are all more efficient."

- Jonathan Clark, Executive Chairman at Bright Blue Day


"This system is fantastic and highly accurate. Understanding your motivators is so very important but we often find it hard to express what they are (even to ourselves). Give it a try, you won't regret it."

- Mark Williams, Mr LinkedIn


"Motivational Maps produce real results. I would recommend trying a session if you are serious about making your team as successful as they can be!"

- Craig McVoy, Liverpool Victoria


​"Having done multiple career assessments lately, I (incorrectly) assumed my “Motivational Maps” assessment would be some variation of the rest. I was pleasantly surprised. The insight I gained into what I truly need in a job now (in terms of what aspects of my self are seeking expression) helped me to understand why certain aspects of my life feel less satisfied right now and how I can change this by aligning with what is most important to me. Marc’s consultation follow-up was the perfect supplement to the assessment. Just when I wondered what more could be gained, outside reading the assessment myself, Marc surprised me…by helping me to integrate the findings more deeply and really gain an appreciation for how to utilize what my main motivators are to lead a more successful and satisfying life. I highly recommend this assessment and Marc’s skilled evaluation and coaching. He’s terrific at what he does…in all ways." 


- Noor Rosenau, Speaker and Scholar, USA


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