Believe it or not, law was my academic background; yes, that was a long time ago... Back in the day, I obtained a Master of Laws, followed by a Master of International and European Laws.


The fact is, I quickly realized how tremendously inadequate the legal system is to deal with human conflict.  I became very aware that 90% of the cases that land in courts should really never go there; the costs, complexity, rigidity and heaviness of the judicial machine adds layers of frustration and aggravation to pre-existing conflicts, and almost always end up with designating a winner and a (usually bitter) loser.

So, I decided to explore alternative, extra-judicial ways of solving conflicts, and got trained as a mediator. Looking back, I can confidently say that this was the first step that put me on a deeply transformational path of personal development, where I met the most amazing people and had the most fantastic growth-inducing experiences.


After my first training, I moved from Belgium to London for a few months to get hands-on experience by doing volunteer work in a grassroots organization specializing in community mediation, the Newham Conflict and Change Project. I found that mediation teams could be plagued by internal conflicts themselves, which gave me a much deeper understanding of how conflict resolution really works.


After going back to Belgium, I co-founded "L'Acacia" with my ex-partner Monique. L'Acacia was active in the personal development area. It created and developed numerous workshops, courses and conferences, all aimed at helping people expand their awareness and explore human potential. I gained tremendous experience over these years as a trainer and shall be forever grateful for the opportunity that was granted to me to develop my natural skills with the support of an extraordinarily gifted life and business partner.

During that period, I also had some intermittent experiences in various Belgian administrations and organizations (General Commissioner for Refugees and Apatrids, Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Finances, Federal Ombudsman), based on my legal background.


After 2008, I started to operate solo as a coach and trainer, in one-on-one consultations and holistic personal development workshops. I led seminars and classes in Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Denmark and the United States.



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9 rue de la Clinique

7170 La Hestre




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T : +32 493 998 350

Skype: marcpeycker

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