Do you feel concerned about your team's performance? Would you like to increase its cohesion? 


It can be done  in a deep and powerful way. With the right tools.


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From Corporation to Cooperation

Liberating Organizations through the

Genius of Collective Intelligence

"Nowadays, and especially in the near future, more and more companies are going to prosper or decline because of the inherent qualities of their employees. Companies that are aware of this and take the appropriate steps are the most likely to thrive during the new millenium."


- Doc Childre and Howard Martin, Institute of HeartMath

Engagement and motivation of personnel appear as growing challenges for organizations.

In the U.S.A., about 75% of the workforce feels disengaged. In France, the number if of 90%!

Soemthing doesn't work anymore in the way organizations are managed in a constantly and rapidly evolving environment.

But solutions exist, and they are in the process of spreading. I facilitate and support processes of Collective Intelligence by which teams learn to discover, harness and express their own genius.

These processes enable teams and organizations to become mre resilient, flexible, creative, harmonious and efficient.

Whether they are businesses, public administrations or non-profit associations, organizations that have chosen to transition from the command-and-control model to the organic integration of Collective Intelligence have all become leaders in their sector. They have an edge over competition. They are more profitable, more flexible and resilient. And, more than anything, they are places were working is a joy rather than a chore. Where work makes sense, becomes once again a way to contribute, express creativity and participate to a shared human adventure ; which, admittedly, generates much more enthusiasm than a mere way to « make a living ».

So, whether you wish to:

* improve team motivation
* help teams to function as cohesive units
* transform the way your organization functions
* be coached into becoming the leader of a self-governed organization,

it all can be done, one step at a time. I'm happy to explore your needs and wishes with you; I am but an email/phone call/Skype call away.

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